Micro Loop Hair Extensions For Women

Micro Loop Hair Extensions For Women

Micro looping hair extension is so many women using to change their hairstyle. It can require a professional because without doing it, there is a strong chance of unsatisfaction.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions For Women

If you’re looking for long-term hair extensions, but want to avoid harsh bonding chemicals and weaving methods, then micro loop hair extensions might the answer for you.

These new extensions are easy to attach and can last several months with proper care and maintenance.

Women are also finding out that these extensions feel lighter and are more comfortable to wear than traditional extensions because there is less tension on the scalp and it provides more flexibility.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions For Women

Micro loop extensions can go by many different names like microbead, and I-Tip. With this type of extension, the hair is actually inserted into a metal ring that matches your own hair colour.

In order to apply for micro loop hair extensions, first, your natural hair is pulled through a plastic guiding loop. Once that is accomplished, your hair will then be threaded through a micro ring (small bead).

Your hair is then pulled completely through the micro ring, and once that is done you can use pliers to clamp down on the ring in order to secure the extensions to your own hair.

If you want to remove these extensions, it can be done very easily. You simply reverse squeeze the micro ring to open it up and then remove the extension. Micro loop extension sometimes requires a perfect hair straightener for straightening hair strands.

There are some disadvantages with micro loop hair extensions. One of the main ones is that it’s not suitable for people with short hair because the rings can become visible.

It’s best to have at least chin-length hair before you opt for micro loop hair extensions. Silicon micro rings are a great option if your hair is prone to breakage, or you have a sensitive scalp.

These rings are lined with a layer of silicone, so it is gentler on your hair and lighter as well so it does not weigh the hair down as much.

The hair extensions cost for micro loop hair extensions can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars at a reputable salon, depending on several factors, like how much hair you want to add to your head.

These extensions can last for up 3 months before it needs to be maintained. In order to maintain it, you will need to open up the rings and then push them back up as close to your scalp as possible.

This is because as your hair grows out further from your scalp, it increases the chances of getting tangled and matted.

When you finally do remove the extensions, you may notice a lot of hair falling out in clumps.

Don’t be alarmed to the average, people lose 100 strands of hair a day, but with micro loop extensions, the hair is not allowed to shed normally because it is attached to the extensions, so you’ll notice months of shedding hair when you finally do take the extensions out.

As for shampooing and conditioning your hair, you should wash it in one direction and avoid scrunching your hair so that it does not get tangled. It’s also best to use professional quality hair care products.

Because this method is so simple to apply and remove, and does require the use of any glues or heat; you can do them yourself, without the help of a professional stylist.

However, I would recommend going to a salon to get your optimal look. A professional stylist can help you choose the best color and texture to match your own hair, and then blend it into your own hair to make it look seamless and 100% natural.

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