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Lingaraj sir

Lingaraj Senapati

Hey There! I am Lingaraj Senapati, the Co-founder of topprod.in. My skills are Freelance, Web Developer & Designer, Corporate Trainer, Digital Marketer & Youtuber.

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  • lsenapati62@gmail.com
debashree jena

Debashree Jena

I am Debashree Jena. I am the content writer of topprod.in. I am an ECE undergraduate.

I believe in growing myself through challenges and always in search of learning new things that entice me to become more proficient.

Writing is my passion. For me, writing is something that opens the door of knowledge. I believe in writing simple, concise, and informative content so that it should be understood by everyone. 

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  • debashree124.dj@gmail.com


Nikhil Patra

Hi guys. I am Nikhil Patra, the  Co-founder of topprod.in. I am a BCA undergraduate. 

I was very much fascinated with web development. Day by day my love for web development went on increasing.

I researched a lot about web development, its scopes in the future. Then, I became a web developer. Along with Web development, I learned SEO and became an SEO expert. Photo editing is one of my strongest points. I love to edit photos and give it a new look. 

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  • nikhilpatra2001@gmail.com