Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC or Normal AC

Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC or Normal AC?

Inverter and non-inverter air conditioners both need stabilizers, so let’s look at why.

In India, we frequently hear about local voltage fluctuations.

These are less popular in cities like Delhi but are common in tier-3 cities or rural areas.

A voltage stabilizer is a device that guards against harm to your home appliances.

In the case of AC, a voltage stabilizer must have these features

  • Maintain output voltage of 220-250 volts
  • Time Delay Function
  • Cut-Off Protection
  • Surge Protection

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

Voltage Stabilizer Is Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC or Normal AC.

An electrical device known as a voltage stabilizer is used to deliver a constant voltage to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any change of fluctuation in the input, or incoming supply.

A voltage stabilizer’s basic task is to protect electrical and electronic devices (such as an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a television, etc.) from potential harm caused by voltage spikes, fluctuations, high voltage, and under voltages.

Normal vs Inverter AC

While the compressor in traditional AC operates at a constant speed, it is possible for the compressor in inverter AC to work at a variable speed.

An inverter air conditioner has a set range of cooling capacity. A 1 Ton Inverter AC, for instance, may operate similarly to a 0.8 Ton or 1.2 Ton AC.

However, it can only operate as a 1 Ton AC for a normal AC.

The inverter AC can operate with a wide variety of voltages due to its variable cooling capacity. The specs for the item or the AC unit may include this range.

As a result, inverter AC will function properly when voltage varies within its operational range, but regular AC may suffer damage.

For example, if an inverter AC can operate between 150 and 250 volts, and the supply voltage fluctuates between 150 and 250, the AC will function well, but as soon as the voltage swings outside of this range, the AC may stop working, malfunction, or get damaged.

Is Voltage Stabilizer Necessary for Inverter AC?

You are forced to use a stabilizer in the case of non-inverter AC since it needs a steady voltage of 220-250 volts.

But for an Inverter AC, many people will say that if the voltage fluctuation in your area is inside the operating range of the AC then you do not need a stabilizer, and if the voltage fluctuation is outside its operating range then you need it.

Nobody can predict if the voltage in your area will fluctuate more or less; it is possible that one day the fluctuations will be quite high and outside of the range at which your AC will operate.

Use a stabilizer to prevent damage to your AC.

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